Do you need help at your home?

Daily tasks in- and around your house can be challenging when you are not capable of doing it or cannot find the time to organise it yourself. 
Annika is offering the help you need so you have your hands free to organize your day as you wish. 

Who is Annika?

I was born in Finland but lived in The Netherlands. After 45 years I returned to my roots in Finland. 
I have been working as a Manager for over 30 years and I am ready to start my own business now. 
My passion has always been to serve others, whether it is in a shop environment or at people's home. My goal is to bring happiness in everyday life. 

As I live in Pornainen, my working area will preferably be in Keusote (Keski-Uusimaa), Porvoo and Sipoo. 
Are you living outside these areas, please contact me so we can look for a solution.

I offer my services for anyone who needs help with their daily tasks in- and around their house.

What services do I offer?

  • cleaning your house thoroughly
  • cleaning your windows
  • I can do your laundry and ironing
  • working in your garden ( mowing, weeding, woodwork)
  • if you have one of more dogs, I can take them for a good walk
  • I can take care of your child(ren) starting from 2 years old
  • I can give you company, go for a walk together or spend time together
  • I can bring my own Labrador dog on request for a good company 
  • groceries, doctor and/or hospital visits can be done in consultation
  • if you wish I can prepare a meal for you or your child(ren)


Customers with reduced ability to cope with everyday life at home, are entitled to VAT-free service. 

Customers with a service voucher can use this voucher as a payment for service they need.

weekdays 08.00 - 18.00  €34/h (excl. VAT 24%)
Saturdays 09.00 - 15.00  €38/h (excl. VAT 24%)
Sundays   09.00 - 15.00  €42/h (excl. VAT 24%)
evening rate from 18.00 €38/h (excl. VAT 24%)

How to reach Annika?

You can reach me by calling: 
046 922 99 49

I speak Finnish, Swedish, English and Dutch